Building strong grassroots organisations, charities, and social enterprises in Plymouth

Get support and advice on the POP Members’ portal! POP supports grassroots, charitable and social enterprises across Plymouth with training, advice and funding. 

POP advocates and supports the grassroots sector by making our impact more visible.

Systems Leadership

POP takes a leadership role in the city to ensure the voice of communities and the grassroots have a place and are heard. 


POP is constantly reflecting on what we do, how we do it and how change happens. We make this learning open and accessible and love to have a chat about it!

We have joined with Torbay Communities to work with and learn from other areas across the UK – so together we can enhance and speed up the progress towards making the transitions we need to see. 

POP supports and leads real, purposeful and lasting change in Plymouth.​

Our purpose is to build strong grassroots organisations, charities and social enterprises by supporting them to work together and take a lead in creating change.

We are driven by the energy, passion and skills of local people taking action to make our society and environment a better place to live. A small team of dedicated staff, associates and trustees do this by influencing, connecting, training and creating opportunities.

We campaign and advocate for system and culture change. The way we make decisions, organise our work, who we involve and how we support people to be involved, who owns assets all have a huge impact on how well we can achieve our intended outcomes. 

We work together with the public sector, grant makers and businesses to achieve the outcomes we all wish to see. 

POPs role is to help amplify citizens voices directly and through the role of community groups and grassroots. Part of this is to show how important the Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) is to Plymouth.

We collate, capture and display the data we think is important to achieving greater recognition of the sector economically and socially.