£250 a POP


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Attach 2 letters/emails of support – from 2 people external and independent from your organisation.


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Enough for 60

There may be a high demand for this funding. If we reach 60 registrations those organisations over 60 will be placed on a waiting list until further funding is secured.

£250 registration

Very sorry, but you are not eligible. Please join POP+ for free here [link]


Who can apply

  • POP+ members – click here to check your member status
  • Under £500,000 turnover​

What is funded

  • Up to £250 per claim
  • Claims can be backdated to 16 March 2020
  • Evidence required
  • Photo of receipts

Where this is not possible, a detailed explanation must be given of what was purchased and why it was impossible to obtain a receipt; together with an invoice.


What is not funded

  1. Work that is not showing direct social or environmental benefit
  2. Work that does not have a direct benefit in Plymouth
  3. The promotion of religion

Expenses Covered (non-exhaustive):

  • Individual support: Food, Prescriptions & medicine, Essential household items, Topping up utilities (eg. gas, electric, phone, water)
  • Volunteer transport & travel
  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Someone’s time