Mini-systems funding

Mini-systems funding

Plymouth City Council and POP are working together to promote collaborative working to improve wellbeing and reduce suicide rates in Plymouth. We are attempting to be as inclusive and collaborative as possible. This means we are:

  • keeping any paperwork as simple as possible;
  • supporting you to build new relationships by running workshops and sessions for you to meet potential partners; 
  • and supporting the collaboration first, the areas of action second. 

To start no one had to be part of an organisation, or be clear on what they wishes to do. They just needed to be committed to working in partnership. 

The process involved bring people together and built collaboration from those people and organisations that took part. 

The most exciting and interesting part was that the final selection was made by random selection. Read more to find out what happened.

Open Space to Closed Collective

A quick thought after we have started to invite the group to contribute ideas (being collated here) As we discover how the process is

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