This is not an organisation run from the centre, but one driven by the huge assets that exist in the voluntary and community sector, and the time generously given by social activists in the city to create links and collaborate on issues. Our networks are the way in which this happens.


Our mission is to support cross-sector collaboration with Plymouth’s third sector, to develop thriving organisations and groups that can create social capital and positive social change.


Plymouth Voluntary Community Social Enterprise is registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (number: 1167515). Our vision is a vibrant, sustainable third sector in Plymouth valued for delivering effective and efficient cross-sector services and support that leads to positive social change for local people.

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Our Next POP+ Thursday

20th September – Lower Guildhall (Drake Room) 9.00 – 4.00pm

Following the discussions at both the April and July POP Thursdays, the decision was taken by POP+ members to go ahead with the formation and launch of a much needed and exciting new Plymouth Neighbourhood Network, and that the first Neighbourhood Network meeting will be the main theme for this September POP+ Thursday.

Consultation with POP+ members at two POP+ Thursdays has initially indicated that the Neighbourhood Network’s main aims and purposes will be:

  • *to provide a central citywide forum, run and led by local people to ably support, strengthen and promote both active and developing local groups networks and forums within communities across the city
  • *to enable local community groups/forums/networks to be sustainable and proactive to effectively influence change in their local area
  • *to enable every community to be the best it can be.

So if you or your community group/forum/network are interested in joining the new Neighbourhood Network please click here.

You can RSVP now through either Eventbrite or Facebook.

Bring and share lunch and open mic as usual.

Hope to see you there!

Funding Awards Update

A few weeks ago POP+ convened a ‘Network of Networks’ – a panel of decision makers nominated by and drawn from networks across the City, who were to be our first-ever panel to decide on Year 1 Funding Awards.

If you have been following the EF story then you will know that Plymouth was allocated  £1.3 million of ‘place based funding’ over 5 years. £300,000 of this is to build capacity and the core wok of POP+, the rest is a POT – to be spent as ‘the sector sees fit’ with £200,000 per year being available.

In this first year we have allocated £30,000 to learning and experimenting (including the visits to Hull and Barking & Dagenham), and £20,000 to a shared digital platform   with a wide variety of cross sector partners. After evaluation costs are taken out too we then had £140,000, which for Year 1 was allocated to a ‘Funding Awards Panel’ – our ‘Network of Networks’.

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