A collaborative and participative funding ecosystem

When the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation invested in Plymouth via POP, it did so with an explicit aim to create transformational change. The principles of participation and collaboration were at the heart of this. Over this time years several critical components have been identified for successful participation and collaboration:

  • Openness and transparency in finances and decision-making.
  • Shared ownership of finances helps everyone to feel they have a stake and promotes shared decision-making.
  • Learning and reflection can help uncover the unexpected results and projects explain what the value of the work is.

We are now raising investments into a collaborative scheme of funders to extend this into an ecosystem of funding that fuels the develop of Plymouth into a green, kind and fair city. We want this ecosystem to play it’s role in placing Plymouth as a world leading city of the future. 

We currently have £715,000 investment to make grants into community and grassroots activity to support wellbeing.

Maximising the flows of finance to benefit Plymouth

By using finance more intelligently and aligned with what Plymouth needs we can leverage maximum gains. 

Below we have started to map out what such an ecosystem of finance might start to look like.

Citizen funding

Supporting people to come together to sow seeds for community connection, the next generation of social enterprise and service delivery. 

Grassroots group funding

Supporting groups and organisations to come together to continue to build community. 

Grassroots social business funding

Supporting emerging business to test out new ideas and connect with its community.

Submit your offer – what can you offer to fill this gap?

Are you a social investor wanting to do more in Plymouth?
Are you a business support agency wanting to stimulate new and support existing business?

Patient capital funding

Supporting community and collective ownership of assets. 

Submit your offer – what can you offer to fill this gap?

Previous funding