POP+ Collectives

How do we use £30k to support our membership at this difficult time:

• What issue/s do we focus on?
• How do organisations access the funding?
• Who makes the decisions?

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POP+’s purpose is to build strong grassroots organisations, charities and social enterprises by supporting them to work together and take a lead role in creating change. This means we must prioritise members interests over our own. This can prove a tricky balance when funding and livelihoods are involved. The way we manage this is by operating by a ‘rule of thumb’:
  • Never directly compete
  • Always lead collaborative bids
  • Aim to distribute at 50% beyond the ‘boundary’ of POP+ into the sector
In our next step we wish to make all this transparent so our judgements can be seen by everyone that wishes to.
Wherever you think you wish to get involved please contact us. 


Funding received:
  • People’s Postcode Lottery – £60k – 100% give directly to Essence, Local Spark Torbay & Plymouth Social Enterprise Network
  • Barrow Cadbury Connect Fund – £30k – 100% on POP+ capacity
  • High Streets Heritage Action Zone
  • PCC Grant – 100% on POP+ capacity
Funding applications submitted
  • Health Communities Together 
Funding applications being written
  • TNLCF Covid Funding
  • Sport England innovation open call
  • TNLCF Emerging Futures

POP+ is publishing key data:

  • Financial data. Below you will see our income and expenditure, the spending breakdown for the Esmée Fairbairn funds and the funding applications we’ve made over the last year.  
  • Funding information. Click here to see all the funding applications we have made. 
  • Activity and impact information. Click here to find out what we achieve with and for you.

Esmée Fairbairn awarded Plymouth £1,300,000 in 2017 and asked POP+ to take responsibility for ensuring the funds were spent to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. The needs of people in Plymouth are more effectively addressed
  2. The quality and capacity of the local voluntary sector is improved
  3. More effective and equal partnership working between voluntary, public and private sectors to achieve change in the city

Last year POP+ spent time taking these outcomes and a lot of parallel work and conversations to develop our purpose statement.

We try to spend over 50% in direct funding support into the voluntary sector. Below is how we are doing against that aspiration. 


Actual to datePredicted to March 2023
POP+ Capacity50%POP+ Capacity45%


So far we have spent:

2017-2018POP+ Core£16,734
2018-2019POP+ Core£51,302
2019-2020POP+ Core£118,996


A full breakdown can be found here.


We expect to have to spend about £130,000 per year on POP+ core capacity. This capacity covers:

  • POP ideas
  • Network support
  • Event support and organisation
  • Strategic connection and system leadership
  • Learning support for grant funded work