Start Something Good

Get going with the right legal structure

Level 2 - Advanced


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If you want to get funding and advance your community project, voluntary group or social enterprise you usually require some kind of ‘organisational structure’.
This workshop will go over the common organisational forms that community projects usually adopt. We’ll cover the pros and cons of different structures like associations, charities, community interest companies and more. You will leave with:
  • More awareness of different legal structures
  • More understanding of the pros and cons of different structures and how they relate to your work
  • A clear plan for registering or setting up your group or project

This workshop will be delivered by Gareth Hart. Gareth is the founder and director of Iridescent Ideas (a social enterprise business advice firm) and has been a champion of the social enterprise movement in Plymouth and the South West of the UK. He was the elected chair of Plymouth Social Enterprise Network for seven years 2013-2020 and chairs Plymouth’s Inclusive Growth Group.

POP ideas is delivering a series of workshops based around the theme of “Getting Started Quicker & Better” to provide emerging groups and organisations with the learning resources, skills and support to have the greatest chance of making it happen.

Registered attendees will receive a Zoom link by email a few days before the session. Zoom training resources can be found here.

Attendees representing a Plymouth community group or organisation will have their £10.00 deposit refunded in full after attending.