The Challenge Fund

We want to hear about the challenges you think need to be tackled to bring about significant change in Plymouth and we want to tell you that there is a fund of up to £25,000 to help make it happen.

The Challenge Fund will be awarded to larger-scale projects which tackle a single issue such as the climate crisis; environmental degradation; the lack of appropriate housing provision; the shortage in support for young people with mental health issues etc.

Instead of starting with solutions, POP+ believes there is greater value to be had exploring the issue and seeking to better understand it. POP+ also believes there is more to be gained from broadening the number of people involved to help bring about a greater understanding of the challenge and all that it entails.

To help achieve this, your project may be entitled to an initial ‘design & develop’ grant of £1000 to further your idea and facilitate wider engagement. You may wish, for example, to host a preliminary event to raise awareness of your project and seek support in the early stages.

At the end of the design & develop stage, POP+ will need to see how the project can sustain itself economically – how it will make money and/or how it will receive further grant funding.

To be eligible for the Challenge Fund, projects will need to consider and identify ways in which they will bring about ‘change’: how will they disrupt traditional ways of working or conventional ways of control and power?

The Challenge Fund will open for applications in 2020.