Street-to-Scale Press Release

POP+ is giving away money! Street-to-Scale is giving £1000 to individuals who come together to do something positive. In a pioneering ‘trust-based’ initiative, it is the individuals – not the funders – who decide how they want to spend the money.

The Street-to-scale project is being launched by POP+, which supports community and voluntary projects in Plymouth, and an international community interest company based in London, called Ratio. The two organisations share a belief that relationships between people are key to improving the health and development of individuals as well as the health and development of communities. As Matt Bell, the CEO of POP+, says Street-to-scale is a radically different fund:

“This is about trusting people – and enabling them – to do the right thing. We won’t be assessing whether or not anyone’s plans are ‘worthy’; we won’t be asking for receipts to show how the money has been spent; we just want to hear about the experience people have had, working together, to do something that’s good.”

The Street-to-scale fund is open to anyone (although the primary account holder will need to be over the age of 18). With no onerous forms to fill in; no hurdles to jump and no strings attached it sounds too good to be true:

“It really is very simple,” says Karl Parsons from The Save The Royal Cinema group. “Within just a few days of applying we have been given £1000 to spend. We’re going to use it to do up some original cinema seats and wheel them around town to raise awareness that this beautiful Art Deco building could be demolished and – if we don’t act now – it will be another significant part of Plymouth’s history gone forever.”

Another thousand pounds has gone to a group of young people from the Space Shot Youth Project in Ernesettle who have been challenged with providing the entire live music provision at the annual Community Fun Day in August. Elisha Aston, who is 14 years old, says being personally responsible for a couple of hundred pounds is a bit daunting:

“I’m quite nervous about it because I want to do the right thing. But I think it’s a really good opportunity to learn how to handle money and use money wisely.”

A pilot Street-to-scale scheme which took place earlier this year with young people in London led to all sorts of good ideas: potted seeds were given away to passers-by; others ran a bread-making workshop while one group set up a support and advice session on the street with a couple of chairs where strangers listened and gave advice to other strangers. As Matt Bell says the money is there for the taking;

“All people need is an idea and the willingness to spend a thousand pounds!”

While the fund is open to anyone, POP+ would particularly like to hear from young people who want to change their world – whether that is the road in which they live; the mental health of their friends or the quality of their time for each other. POP+ says it will carry out

one small check to ensure that the person applying is trustworthy and explains that after that, it is for each of the individuals to trust each other to spend the money wisely.

If you would like to apply for the Street-to-scale fund please contact POP+ on Plymouth 395131 or email

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Notes for editors:

For more information please contact Caroline Blackler for more information. Email: Telephone: 07920 741718