Positive People Project

Inspiring you to build a brighter future

Everyone should have the chance to succeed in life, to develop skills and build a career. Positive People is a flexible community programme designed to help you overcome whatever challenges you face.

Help with everyday life:

  • Personal development – help to build your confidence, health and wellbeing.
  • Help with daily life – including access to advice on housing, money / debt, childcare, healthy eating, leisure, relationships, anger-management and much more.
  • Help to manage your health condition, disability, anxiety or addiction.
  • Help to master digital technology – including computers, tablets, phones, software and the internet.
  • Access to benefits and financial advice.

Improve your qualifications and help you to find work:

  • Help to access training – anything from basic skills to vocational and professional qualifications.
  • Help to prepare for work – including clubs and work trials so you can try out jobs and gain experience.
  • Job search – preparing CVs, applications and interview practice. We will also help you to approach employers.
  • Access to computers, internet, printers and photocopiers.
  • Advice on apprenticeships and self-employment.

Once you enter into work, we will stay in regular contact with you. You can also contact our helpline for advice and support. Positive People (part of the Building Better Opportunities programme) is a new project jointly funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund.

If you would like to join the programme or have any specific questions about the project, please contact Chris Maccullie on the main phone number 01752 395131, mobile 07951313163 or email: chris.m@plymouthoctopus.org.