POP+ Thursday – Feedback

POP+ Thursday – Feedback

Hello all,

Thank you for attending our POP+ Thursday. 78 of you signed in and we hope you all found it useful.

Here is the feedback from the event, which will be discussed further at the next POP+ Thursday in the Lower Guildhall on Thursday 19th October.

Hope to see you there!




Many thanks to Engage Church for providing us with such an excellent venue at short notice – we appreciated the venue and the good humoured support on the day.  Thank you.


Introduction and confirmation of the Esmee Fairbairn grant awarded to the VCS. £1.3m for five years. Jacky’s presentation is here:

Your feedback and ideas are contained in the notes from the next part of the day.


The Five Year Vision which was both about Plymouth and the EF money, but also a contribution to the Civil Societies Futures debate which is being held nationally.

https://civilsocietyfutures.org/    Here is the write up of all the notes you took. This has also been sent to civil society futures as the contribution from Plymouth.

We have also sent it to EF to keep them up to date with our thoughts, and have the response: ‘great stuff!  Brimming with early ideas.  I’m going to suggest that we store this one away for future reference when we go into other areas as a bit of an aide memoire.  This is kind of stuff it would be very useful to get hold of as you progress as this is sort of granular stuff that we sometimes miss in our learning.’

We will bring a suggested action plan from this work to the next POP+ meeting on October 19th in the Lower Guildhall.


A Community Manifestowhat would we promise the people of Plymouth if we were standing for election? What wisdom and intelligence from communities can we offer to those who are standing?

This was a first draft, under the headings of the Plymouth Plan and the Corporate Plan. We will refine this in network meetings for publication in its final form in early January (hopefully in time to catch the political parties before they have presented their manifestos for the May elections).

See the notes that you left here:

We hope that this will mean that instead of having to respond to the city budget in a questionnaire in a few days, we will be part of setting it.


Bring and Share Lunch + Open Mic   Thanks to everyone their contributions….plenty to eat, from fruit, bread and hummus,  to sausage rolls to chocolate doughnuts. Everything left was taken to share with someone who is homeless.

Three Open Mics

The three open mic slots were:

  • CATALYST – proposing the concept of an ’employability hub’ for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. A superb example of collaboration between agencies in the City.
  • Together for Childhood – a place based strategy to prevent child sexual abuse. A new way of working for the NSPCC. This will build on work already started in Plymouth with the partnership behind the Helpline 0808 800 5000 for any queries and concerns from professionals and members of the public.
  • https://www.nspcc.org.uk/globalassets/documents/about-us/nspcc-together-for-childhood-goal-1.pdf
  • Early Help Champions – Plymouth City Council wants to find individuals who will champion work that emphasises early help and intervention, looking to prevent situations becoming worse. Remember to use The Gateway, the Multi Agency Hub and Plymouth On Line Directory (POD). Please note: it is the responsibility of every community group, organisation or service to update their listing in the POD




The afternoon was about how we can all participate in Mayflower 400 in 2020. Lots of enthusiasm and challenges, and a clear link to the support in the morning for being a ‘Participation City’. Groups shared ideas and we discussed how far POP+ can help and support everyone joining in. There was also support for the idea of having a ‘fringe’ festival. Fuller notes here including the actions we agreed to take.


It was great to be back in POP Thursday territory, with so much input from so many of you. Thanks for your generous donations of time.

Save the dates for the next ones 19th October (agenda here) and 16th November.