POP+ AGM Follow-up

This is a message to follow up from our AGM on Tuesday the 15th and celebrated some amazing work that had been done over the last year. The highlight were two amazing young singers who found their voice through a community event that was supported through the Street-to-Scale funding. They lit the day up with some powerful singing. For those that missed it you’ll just have to watch out for them on the big stage! At the end of the day we announced the next steps for the Esmée Fairbairn funding.


  • Adults in the lead: will be re-designed and relaunched in January. A new round will open every month and there will be a cap on the funding available each month.
  • Young People in the lead: will continue to be open.

Network Fund (to be renamed)

  • Will launch at the end of October with deadline for applications end of November.
  • The focus is skills for collaboration and increasing collaboration.
  • Will be up to £5,000 and require match funding. In kind contributions may be eligible.
  • Criteria for selection will be based on the 4 values: Trust & Relationships; Collaboration & Inclusion; Taking risks and innovating; Learning through Doing
  • Is for organisations.

Challenge Fund (to be renamed)

  • Over the next few months we will be looking for the areas that POP+ can add most value to.

Leading Together workshopsPlease BOOK HERE – 1st date is 24th October.

Originally we had planned a set of workshops covering different topics.  What is clear that for many people making a regular commitment is difficultso we are going to reframe the six workshops we have planned; we want people who are keen to get involved to come along to as many as possible and we will tackle different issues at each, however there is no expectation that you make every one of them, just as many as possible.  We really want to see this as a first step to building a longer term group of people, supporting each other, sharing their knowledge and experience and reaching out to the future leaders and change makers in Plymouth.  So, if you were interested but were put off by having to make a regular commitment then please think again.