Plymouth Business School – Free Social Media Review

Would you like a group of students from Plymouth Business School to undertake either an online competitor analysis or review of your social media, for free?

These 1st year students, from a range of business related programmes, will be studying ENT101 ‘Entrepreneurial Thought and Action’, allowing them to explore theory associated with entrepreneurship before putting it into action through a practical exercise. This also helps them develop their business awareness and develop transferrable employability skills.

The module starts on the 27th January. Students attend lectures and tutorials which prepare them to undertake a simple consultancy project for a business/organisation, either an online competitor analysis or a review of social media. A group of approximately 5 students is allocated to a client’s project brief and they work remotely.

Assuming that you take part, your project brief (template attached), once it’s been approved by me, will be allocated to a group of students by their tutor, in week commencing 3rd February. The students will then contact you to arrange a meeting with them ASAP so that you can give them more information about your business/organisation, details of the project’s objectives and they will ask you questions.

If you have your own business premises, which is easily accessible by public transport and within an hour’s travel from Plymouth, the students can visit you. Alternatively, the students can meet you on the University campus or hold a virtual meeting (e.g. Skype). Face-to-face meetings are preferable. At this meeting, it’s also a good time to arrange when you would like updates from the students throughout the project and by what method.

Each group will have a leader and during the project, they will probably communicate with you by email with any further questions their group has. You need to be able to respond to them within 2 working days.

Teaching ends on the 20th March. Once the students’ work has been marked by their tutors, towards the end of April, you will be emailed a link to the students’


Closing Date: If you are interested, please complete the attached application form and return it by Friday 20th December at the latest. Applications will be considered as they are received. It will only take about 15 minutes to complete



1.      ENT101 Application Form 201920_1092453007 (please complete now and return to

2.      WBLA Part 1 ENT101 2020_1092453007  (the work-based learning agreement for module ENT101 which covers confidentiality and intellectual property and is signed by you, the students and the tutor/module leader when you meet the students – please read the document to ensure you are happy with the agreement but there is no need to action it now)

3.      WBLA Part 2 ENT101 2020_1092453007 (the terms & conditions of the work-based learning agreement for module ENT101 which covers matters of confidentiality and intellectual property – please read the document to ensure you are happy with the agreement)