Network Support

Invitation to collaborate

Plymouth has many networks of many different sizes, purposes and sectors. POP+ wants to work in collaboration with these networks to bridge between networks and further increasing the impact we can all make collectively. The importance of networks for POP+ cannot be overstated.

POP+ aims to prioritise maintaining existing relationships and forming new relationships with networks of people, organisations and businesses who come together around a common purpose to get things done and make a positive change in the world.

If you would like to collaborate, please get in touch and if you need it we might be able to support with things like:

  • Webpage – any network can be set up with a page on the POP+ website.
  • Mailing list – networks can add people to a separate mailing list on the POP+ system.
  • Eventbrite – use of Eventbrite so people can book onto your events and meetings.
  • Newsletter – to publicise events and meeting, plus seek cooperation and collaboration.
  • Support (financial and in kind) with helping you network operate and function.

We also invite network chairs and facilitators to join our Network leadership group

POP+ is a charity that holds its values central to everything it does. Therefore we will need a conversation about how your network operates and how closely you meet these values. Some guiding points are here:

  • Inclusivity & participation – you must welcome anyone to join. You may have a selection process, but we would wish you to be open, non-discriminatory and actively seeking to grow your network. Once in the network, we would expect all members to be able to have a say and input into how the network operates.
  • Sustainability – you must be conscious and active in reducing your environmental footprint, promoting the work of other networks such as Food Plymouth and Environment Plymouth.
  • Compassion – you must operate with compassion ideally signing up for the Charter for Compassion
  • Inequality and inclusive growth – you must recognise that inequality is significant issue, but that by rearranging the way our economic system operates – whether this is a growth in the cooperative economy, social enterprises or community business we can make economic growth inclusive and beneficial for all.

We will also have a conversation with you about the contribution you are able to make back into POP+, specifically the Network of Networks.

Please get in touch if you would like a conversation about how we can collaborate.