Network Support

Invitation to collaborate

POP+ is committed to encouraging, enabling and increasing the amount of collaboration between networks; identifying new opportunities and supporting those relationships to help bring about greater positive change for individuals and communities.

The importance of networks for POP+ cannot be overstated.

If you would like to talk to us about setting up a new network or can see opportunities to collaborate please contact us. Where appropriate, we can offer support with: 

  • Webpage – any network can be set up with a page on the POP+ website.
  • Mailing list – networks can add people to a separate mailing list on the POP+ system.
  • Eventbrite – use of Eventbrite so people can book onto your events and meetings.
  • Newsletter – to publicise events and meeting, plus seek cooperation and collaboration.
  • Support (financial and in kind) with helping you network operate and function.

We also have an invitation for network chairs and facilitators to join our Network leadership group

You should know that POP+ is a charity that holds its values central to everything it does.

If you are looking to set up a new network or work with us we will need to talk with you about our values; whether or not you meet them and how your network plans to operates. Some guiding points are here:

  • Being inclusive & participatory – you must welcome anyone to join. You may have a selection process, but we would wish you to be open, non-discriminatory and actively seeking to grow your network. Once in the network, we would expect all members to be able to have a say and an input into how the network operates.
  • Sustainability – aware of the challenges facing the environment/climate you must be taking (or willing to take) action to reduce your environmental footprint. 
  • Compassion – you must operate with compassion ideally signing up for the Charter for Compassion
  • Inequality and inclusive growth – you will appreciate that a growth in the co-operative economy and an increase in social enterprises and/or community businesses will bring about a more-inclusive economy and benefit more people financially (environmentally and socially).

Please get in touch if you would like a conversation about how we can work together.