Network of networks

The Network of Networks has evolved from these networks and consists of leaders & members from the networks ensuring each theme (such as young people; refugees & asylum seekers; environment etc) is represented.

The Network of Networks decides which projects are eligible and awards funding.

The individuals who make up the Network of Network consider, deliberate and decide which projects (from individuals, communities and/or organisations) are eligible for our Network & Challenge funds.

The experience and acquired knowledge of the members of the Network of Networks is a huge asset to POP+ and is of significant help to those seeking funding. Individuals applying to POP+ for either the Network or Challenge funds can expect the support of the Network of Networks and, where appropriate, be assigned a mentor to offer advice and reassurance, particularly through the early stages of the project.

The individuals on the Network of Networks have spent considerable time discussing and understanding the values of POP+ and how they can be applied to bring about transformational, innovative and sustainable change to Plymouth.

If you are interested in joining the Network of Networks, please get in touch.