Network leadership group

This isn’t an invitation to be a round-the-world yachtsperson or even a better sailor, there are plenty of good sailors in Plymouth already; this is a call out to people who are leading networks and groups committed to the vision of POP+  …..You will already know its not just about good and inspirational words, but about hard work, being prepared to put yourself out there, meet new people, make connections and to be brave!

Are you interested in making the best use of your skills?  Skills you have learnt in your work with others in Plymouth to make a difference?  Do you want to meet, work with others and make better use of the wider riches of Plymouth’s community development work?  Do you want to become a better leader, able to join with others and build collaboration across networks, with voluntary and community sector partners, and make Plymouth a more inclusive and compassionate city?

We are hosting a programme of six workshops for a small group of network and community leaders.  These workshops will centre on practical work to help you build your own skills and knowledge, to grow your network, get to know others doing similar work in the city, strengthen community leadership and collaboration in Plymouth and to begin to build a core leadership group supporting our Network of Networks.


  • Session 1:  Getting connected – getting to know each other, thinking about our connections and how to widen our networks and build new relationships.
  • Session 2:  Feeling included – its one thing to say your are ‘inclusive’….thinking about inclusion, what it means to you and your network and strategies to become more inclusive.
  • Session 3:  Your vision – is it clear or a bit blurry; how do your values fit with your network vision and how do you know if you and your network are achieving it?  It might help to think about the purpose of your network and what it is hoping to achieve….
  • Session 4:  Sustaining your network – how do you need to be supported and how best to support people you are working alongside; the members and supporters of the network?
  • Session 5: Democracy, Consensus, Dictatorship and Anarchy – making decisions and keeping everyone one happy is almost impossible!  But decisions need to be made…
  • Session 6:  Soapbox moments – what have these sessions meant to you?  Your chance to share your experience and take the limelight …maybe you want to set out your manifesto for change or have a simple story to share.

Every session will explore the title theme, provide an opportunity to learn some simple tools and approaches that may help you, and there will be plenty of opportunity to talk and reflect.  Each session will also include a chance to support each other through tackling particular problems or challenges you and your network may be encountering.


The sessions will be facilitated by Nic Crosby, GatherBuildWork.  Nic lives in Devonport Plymouth, and has spent many years developing and supporting networks across the UK promoting the rights of citizens to have more control over how they live their lives; including how they can have more say in the work and life of their local community. Gather strength Build vision Work together

If you are interested in joining the Network Leadership Group training (beginning October 2019), please get in touch.