Network leadership group

POP+ is committed to the growth and success of its networks. POP+ believes that Plymouth’s voluntary and community sector can best be supported by themed networks through which collaboration and shared-learning takes place. POP+ recognises that to help ensure the stability and resilience of the city’s VCSE it must continue to invest in the development of its networks.

Hence, POP+ has established the Network Leadership Group through which it commits to:

  • Personal development – training & personal insight to help understand how best to be network leaders and facilitators.
  • Bridging networks – bringing network chairs, facilitators and leaders together to create stronger & broader relationships across networks.

The Group will receive learning and content covering various aspects of network development and leadership such as:

  • Values – what values and characteristics do we need to practice as a leader in a network?
  • Mapping your network – who is there, who is missing?
  • Network health – how to maintain a positive, functioning network
  • Communication – how to communicate within and across networks

If you are interested in joining the Network Leadership Group training (beginning September 2019), please get in touch.