Network support

POP started out wanting to play a central role leading networks, but it quickly became obvious this would not be practically possible with our small team, nor would it help recognise networks independent of POP.  

POP now clearly supports networks wherever they come from, via: 

  • POP ideas capacity building: POP ideas supports skills and knowledge development. Part of our support to member organisations is to connect them into networks, introduce them to other organisations be as well connected as we can achieve. For networks we support with diagnostic tools and workshops.  
  • POP Bites: We run this themed networking event every two months. Come along to connect with the POP team and your sector peers.
  • Diverse voices: We believe our efforts can be best spent in amplifying the voices of those on the edge of society. Where needed, we therefore support organisations and people to connect to ensure these voices are heard. 
  • POP network admin grants: We have £20k to make grants to more formal networks to connect, grow and act. We will use the Network Facilitators Forum to make decisions about this funding.  
  • POP Network Facilitators Forum: We support anyone who is invested in the networks and want to see them grow to come together to share news, hints and tips. 

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