Keyham’s Tin Can Alley Van

At the beginning of December KNW were kindly lent a Plymouth City Council van for one day. For five hours volunteers from KNW took to the streets – walking alongside the van which was driven by ‘local Banksy’ Mike Vosper, communicating with residents through a megaphone – appealing for any spare food for the Keyham food bank. The response was overwhelming. Thousands of tins; industrial bags of rice and an extraordinary amount of pasta were donated. Some people handed over £50 bags of food they had bought specifically for the collection while others, with less money to spare, gave from their own emergency food parcel displaying a determination to be part of the initiative in spite of their own circumstances. Kevin Sproston, the chair of the KNW says it was something of a spectacle!

“We had people running down the street in their dressing gowns; kids singing, dancing and playing around as the van trawled up and down Keyham and people threw food in the back. The response from residents was amazing.”

Thanks to the Keyham Tin Can Van iniatiative, Keyham’s food bank – run by the marvellous Paul and Jean from Keyham Green Places – has distributed hundreds of meals and bags of food over Christmas and the New Year and is now open longer so that it can support more residents. And the KNW also raised nearly £200 from the community to buy the food bank a much-needed freezer.

(Photo – Kev Sproston with 17 year old, Chey-Anne Burtt helping collect the food. )