It’s a Question of Leadership

It’s a Question of Leadership.

Here at POP+ we’ve started a conversation about leadership; we’re asking questions, such as, what is it; what makes a good ‘leader’ and how we might we ‘do’ leadership better?

We recently invited people involved in the sector and grassroots organisations to come along and participate in a Leadership Course, where we would explore and promote the idea of ‘leading together’ rather than the more-familiar “follow the leader” approach. POP+ believes that, through collective action, individuals can lead the type of positive change society needs and that, through collaboration, this ‘change’ has a greater likelihood of being successful.

At the first meeting last week eleven individuals came together and had a lively conversation around ‘getting connected’. What was amazing says Nic Crosby, who as an associate of POP+ is leading the leadership course, was the willingness and opportunity for the participants to connect;

“Straight away, just by being in the same room, people were connecting with each other. By the end of the session several really meaningful connections had been made, and these, it is hoped, will extend beyond the course and have the potential to make a significance difference.”

In future sessions participants will consider subjects such as inclusion, purpose and decision-making. It’s hoped that by bringing people together individuals will share and develop skills; find a stronger voice and work together on existing and future projects. For more information contact