The invitation

POP is currently looking for investment and learning partners. Ideally you will enter this relationship fully as a core partner, but we do recognise that at times it might be easier to ‘test the waters’.



Transformation and learning partner 

Your funds will be used to fund the costs of running the process and any of all the projects and work that is funded.  

Proactive response 

You will receive alerts whenever a submission is received. You can identify at this stage whether you wish to contribute to the project/collaboration independent of whether it is approved via the Plymouth rating system.  

Top up  

You will receive alerts when projects are approved. You can identify at this stage whether you wish to contribute to the project costs. 

Theme sponsor 

You can choose to attract certain types of projects by contributing funds dedicated towards a particular cause.  


Can’t offer funds at this point? 

Our work will benefit from any input we receive. So you can join us in our learning meetings to help advise and steer the work, or perhaps your funding officers could sit alongside the POP team to run advice sessions or carry out learning conversations?

What could the benefits be? 

We can only predict at this stage what we think the benefits to funders might be. You might be interested in how you work in ‘place’, or wish to simply divert unsolicited queries into a process you have confidence will produce collaborative outputs and be well connected locally. Or it might be that you are grappling with how to fund networks or individuals, or how to collaborate with other funders. The learning you gain can be applied elsewhere and in different settings.

What is our dream? 


We dream that collaborative behaviours will be valued and promoted, moving us from an ‘I’ society to a ‘We’ society. Competition will remain but be healthy and out in the open. Diversity and inclusion are seen as a fundamental property of ‘good’ work and generous leadership will emerge. As much attention will be paid to the impact of individual work, as the relationships that exist between groups. The language of collective impact and systems, using tools that work better in complex environments such as storytelling, mapping and participatory methods, will predominate.

These changes will bring forward, promote and support citizens to be in the lead and it will become a race to the ethical top.

Ready to go?

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