POP Collectives

POP Collectives is focussed on building collaboration and relationships by doing something together fuelled by £5,000. This combination of doing and working together is important. What it means is that we primarily focus on the collaboration, and secondary is the work you do – because we know everyone will always do amazing things. Our focus is to put more amazing things together to see if it multiplies your impact.  

We only ask you agree to and meet the following requirements: 

  • You have three or more organisations in your Collective. A minimum of three must work in Plymouth and are POP members. 
  • Happy that we work with you as a Collective – i.e. we will always speak to all members of your Collective.  
  • Open submissions – your project is placed on our website and sent out to our members with the aim to reduce competition and duplication. 
  • Peer advice – you receive advice from peers to support your project and increase relationships. 
  • You engage with our Learning Champion who will work with you to understand how you are collaborating and doing your amazing work. 
  • Accountable – you engage with Social Change Nest as our partners to use Open Collective for financial transparency and wider accountability. 


Community Food Cycle

Collaborators Bikespace CIC Drift Advice Four Greens Community Trust Collective’s aims and ideas Our idea is to create a pilot project that will deliver food

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Life After Lockdown

Collaborators ● Wellbeing Workshops Devon CIC ● Colebrook SW ● Memory Matters CIC   Collective’s aims and ideas Wellbeing Workshops, Colebrook and Memory Matters will

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Mindful Art Club

Collaborators Mindful Art Club Real Ideas Organisation Collective’s aims and ideas The issues we are trying to tackle are social isolation and mental health problems.

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Social Isolation Forum

Forum of organisations concerned with issues of social isolation and loneliness in Plymouth. Aim is to raise awareness of the complexity of these issues.

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Storyteller Pilot Festival

Collaborators WonderZoo Diversity Business Incubator Fotonow CIC RAAY Nudge Community Builders Purdy’s Punjabi Cuisine Union Corner The Clipper The Plot Cawfee Literature Works A Press

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Waste… of Our Time

Collaborators ● Precious Plastic Plymouth & Tavistock ● Plymouth Scrapstore ● Environment Plymouth   Describe your aims and ideas Judy Harington and Kate Crawfurd have

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We Tell Your Story

Collaborators ● The Hundred Hands ● Nudge Community Builders ● Plymouth Artists Together Collective’s aims and ideas Most charities and communities do not have the

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