Learning & Collaboration Fund

The Learning & Collaboration Fund is now closed and has been replaced by POP Collectives.

L&C Round 2 Projects (April 2020)

  • Positively Diverse Action: City of Sanctuary, DBI, Stephane Kolinsky, Ptown Radio
  • Precious Plastics Plymouth: Plymouth Play Scrapstore & CIC, Rob West and Kate Crawfurd, Precious Plastics Tavistock and more
  • Street Meets / Street Eats: Friends of Wyndham Square, Feeds n Seeds and Helen Moore, PCC – Natural Infrastructure Team and Sovereign Housing
  • Plymouth Literary Research and Pilot Project – WonderZoo, Soapbox Culture, Imperfect Cinema and supporting organisations

L&C Round 1 Projects (December 2019)

  • Repair, Make and Mend: Borrow Don’t Buy, Timebank, Scrapstore, Makers HQ
  • Culture and Integration Through Food: Based at the Plot on Union Street, Diversity Business Incubator, Food Plymouth and Miriam&Miriam
  • Creative Natures: Deb Hoskin – Horticultural Therapy Trust and Thomas Loveder – Free Radical Creations
  • The Eclective Network: Leadworks Factory CIC, The Kintsugi Project, Flyinghead Studios Community Arts project, Cawfee Community Café, Pride in Plymouth, Empowering Hidden Voices, Imperfect Cinema, WonderZoo, Mothership Audio

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