£250 a POP

Are you a member group or organisation with an unexpected expense? Or are you a potential POP Collective wanting to run a small test, or get together?

You can ask POP to cover up to £250 of your expenses, once every 6 months. All you need to do is submit two letters of support and a simple expense claim.


  • Please complete the registration form in the “Register” tab below before submitting your claim.
  • Attach a bank statement in your group’s name, if you do not have an account in your group’s name please let us know.
  • Attach 2 letters/emails of support – from 2 people external and independent from your organisation.

If it’s difficult or impossible for you to complete an application form

You can contact us if you have any communication support needs. We’re happy to talk about alternative ways for you to tell us about your idea.

Repeat applications

You can apply to 250 a POP once every 26 weeks from the “paid” date of your last Open Collective claim. There is no need to complete any registration steps again. If you would like to check your eligibility to claim again, please get in touch.

Remaining funding

Our current pot of funding, along with all expenses so far, can be viewed through Open Collective.

CLICK HERE to visit the 250 a POP Open Collective page.