Funding Bids

POP+’s purpose is to build strong grassroots organisations, charities and social enterprises by supporting them to work together and take a lead role in creating change. This means we must prioritise members interests over our own. This can prove a tricky balance when funding and livelihoods are involved. The way we manage this is by operating by a ‘rule of thumb’:
  • Never directly compete
  • Always lead collaborative bids
  • Aim to distribute at 50% beyond the ‘boundary’ of POP+ into the sector
In our next step we wish to make all this transparent so our judgements can be seen by everyone that wishes to. All bid documents can be found here [google drive link]. 
Wherever you think you wish to get involved please contact us. 
Funding received:
  • People’s Postcode Lottery – £60k – 100% give directly to Essence, Local Spark Torbay & Plymouth Social Enterprise Network
  • Barrow Cadbury Connect Fund – £30k – 100% on POP+ capacity
  • High Streets Heritage Action Zone
  • PCC Grant – 100% on POP+ capacity
Funding applications submitted
  • Health Communities Together 
Funding applications being written
  • TNLCF Covid Funding
  • Sport England innovation open call
  • TNLCF Emerging Futures