Community Researcher Training


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POP, PSEN and others are involved in two exciting projects – SIMPL and Healthy Communities Together. Both projects will shape positive action in Plymouth.

The SIMPL project will help shape how we support people to live independent lives as they get older and identify opportunities increase the income into the VCSE sector. And the Healthy Communities Together project will help Plymouth become even better connected and will support those most socially isolated.

Both projects will lead to action. Action built on an understanding of what real people really think, feel and experience. Both projects depend on hearing real peoples’ voices. Voices from people who are not usually heard will be especially welcome.


Can you help connect these projects with real lives?

We are looking for people to play an active role by going out and recording conversations with people about what people think and feel. Community Researchers will be the link between the projects and real lives.

Could you support these projects by going into the community and recording rich conversations with people you know? We want to hear about:

  • The things that make it harder or easier for people to live independently as they get older (SIMPL Project), and/or
  • The things that may prevent or may help people feeling connected to one another, community and the impact this can have on their health (Healthy Communities Together)
How we will support you

We will provide training, support and where possible funding to help people understand the projects and their role; and develop the skills and confidence to act as ‘community researchers’. Community Researchers for both projects will be trained together.


Training dates

Completing training is a requirement for becoming a verified community researcher. To complete the training you must attend two sessions a week apart; on either 20 May & 27 May, 17 June & 24 June or 8 July & 15 July, each from 10AM-1PM.


Training will cover:

  • Ethics, confidentiality, consent, and copyright.
  • Your role, boundaries, and key responsibilities.
  • Key skills and competencies involved with being a community researcher.
  • Practice.

At the end of your training, you will receive additional resources and will have on-going access to support. You will also have the opportunity to maintain engagement with both projects.

Training will be provided by Stephane Kolinsky and Martyn Lowesmith from Sky Space Team Development CIC.


For more information on the Community Researcher role:

For more information on SIMPL:

For more information on Healthy Communities Together: