Community Researcher Training


POP is working with a network of organisations and individuals who wish to see Plymouth become a city where no one feels forgotten – Belong in Plymouth project. We want to ensure that each individual feels connected – whether that is through families, friends or communities – and, that in doing so, they belong.

This exciting project is shaping positive action in Plymouth – action built on an understanding of what real people really think, feel and experience. The project depends on hearing real peoples’ voices; voices from people who are not usually heard will be especially welcome.

Do you love listening to other people’s stories?

We do – so much so, we want people like you to go out into our communities and collect stories of what life in Plymouth is really like for people.

There are many projects, citywide, all focused on making life better for members of all our communities. We’d like to know what is working and what else could be done- what could be strengthened, what could be improved.

This is the role of the Community Researcher. Not an “interviewing” role, but one of being alongside someone as you encourage them to tell their story – their story in relation to particular aspects of living in Plymouth. Only by knowing how well we are doing on the ground can we ensure people are benefiting from all the good intent behind these projects

The training will be over 2 half-days, on consecutive weeks. The expectation is that you will go into the community – your communities – gather stories and then bring them back so we can collate the information. We will provide the topics you will ask people to speak about. The training will also cover ethics, data protection and how to record the conversations you will have.

Training dates

Completing training is a requirement for becoming a verified community researcher. To complete the training you must attend two sessions a week apart.

  • 21 & 28 July from 10am-1pm – IN-PERSON (Venue TBC in Plymouth)
  • 3 & 10 August from 10am-1pm – ONLINE
  • 16 & 23 September from 10am-1pm – IN-PERSON (Venue TBC in Plymouth)

How we will support you

We will train you to create a safe and engaging space to encourage people to tell these stories, their lived experiences, with you so that we can share the learning with those responsible for provision of help and support. To better target everyone’s efforts.

This is not just a ‘one off’. There will be many opportunities over the coming few years for getting the stories of how well we are doing in many aspects of life in our City, how well we are taking care of our citizens – how well we are doing, collectively, to make them feel they Belong in Plymouth!

At the end of your training, you will receive additional resources and will have on-going access to support. You will also have the opportunity to maintain engagement with the project.

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