‘At Quirk With Colour’


An exhibition offering an opportunity to immerse yourself through a collection of colour drenched paintings and clay vessels with details expressing empowerment, hope, play inspired through a variety of animals, sensory interplay, spirituality, the self, nature and symbolism inviting viewers to embrace their inner quirks, inspiring a sense of joy , self awareness and interconnection.

Join In With Me: Colourful Hearing. Workshops will be offered that are richly inspired by Synesthesia encouraging us to merge our senses in a non conventional way. I will invite you for an experimental experience of sensory interplay with colour and music. In response to hearing and your feelings when listening to music; the rhythms, sounds and beats, I will invite and encourage you to translate these visually with colour (paints, pens, chalk, pastels,pigments) and movement onto canvas, paper to create your very own coloured symphony masterpiece.

The TalkShop, Plymouth, Devon. Opening evening 6-8pm 28th June 2022