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The Esmee Fairbairn foundation have given POP+ and Plymouth a five year grant to make change happen in the city. It is £1.3m over five years; £0.3m to help POP+ build its capacity to co-ordinate this, and £1 for whatever we in Plymouth think will make a real difference to our city and our ways of life.

The life of this project is from Sept 17 to Sept 22.

Before the money was awarded there were two big consultation events which brought together a huge wave of ideas, visions and dreams… well as outlining the practicalities and risks involved. There is a lot to read, but the reports are here:

February 2017 – Esmee Fairbairn Visit Notes

May 2017 – Workshop Consultation

Clustering Themes Notes

The outcomes for the five year change programme are:

  • Better Services for People
  • A Stronger Voluntary and Community Sector
  • Better working with other sectors in the city, so that we are all working together towards the same aims.


The heart of this change is that decisions happen bottom up, not top down. So, as in the consultations above, everything will be openly discussed and decisions on spending will be taken by the sector, or representatives of the sector. There have been six months of discussion.

Now we are on to six months of ‘exploring and experimenting’.


There will be a series of visits to other parts of the country to see what they are doing, and gather ideas and inspiration. There will be 10 places on each, and all expenses will be paid (but sorry, we can’t afford to backfill pay). The first is to Barking and Dagenham on 28th March, and the next will be to Hull on 26th April. This is quite a commitment of time, but we would love you to come….get in touch if you are interested.


We are investing in a partnership across the city for an ‘Our Plymouth’ website, so that everyone can be informed and take part.  Other partners here are the private sector (Chamber of Commerce), statutory sector (Plymouth City Council) and all supported by the Plymouth Herald. £20k.  There is another £10k for cross sector working for Sept 17-18.

We are inviting applications from the sector for £140k, in two parts, Making it Happen (projects that make a change happen) and Working Together (how do we build the networks that enable everyone to feed their ideas in…….let’s get this sorted in the first year)  All the information you need is in the Guidance Notes here. And the application form can be found here. Deadline 27th April 2018.

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