Communities invited to embark on the journey to Mayflower400

Communities invited to embark on the journey to Mayflower400

Don’t miss the boat! That’s the message being conveyed to individuals, groups and communities across the city today as the Mayflower 400 campaign gets underway. With the launch of events designed to raise awareness of the forthcoming 400th anniversary of the departure of the Mayflower, people across Plymouth are being called on to take part and make this international event their own.

The Plymouth Octopus Project, known as POP+ which supports the voluntary and community sector, is hosting a Mayflower for Communities event on Thursday to bring together anyone and everyone wanting to “Get On Board 2020”. As a member of the “Mayflower 400” task force, it’s the role of POP+ to represent the sixteen hundred organisations and charities that make up the voluntary and community sector in Plymouth and ensure they are part of the journey. It wants to encourage local groups and communities to start to think of ways they might commemorate the anniversary ahead of the launch of the Mayflower Community Fund next year. Jacky Clift, the chief executive officer for POP+ says it’s a unique opportunity for everyone in Plymouth;

“This is a great event and Plymouth will have international attention, so let’s all be part of it! Together we can have a vibrant and diverse event that really shows what we think and feel about our heritage and our links with the rest of the world.”

As the city launches its first wave of Mayflower 400 events today, Jacky Clift believes it’s important to recognise that, as well as being pioneers, the pilgrims were also migrants fleeing persecution and that their arrival in American brought devastation as well as celebration;

“There is so much to recognise of modern times and our modern world in this anniversary,” says Jacky, “And we know there are many people across Plymouth who will have many different ideas of how to commemorate the Mayflower and all it symbolises. POP+, along with Mayflower400, want to enable people to give voice to these diverse narratives and let the world see that Plymouth can tell more than one story.”

POP+ is inviting people to start thinking about their involvement and to come and talk about their ideas at its Mayflower for Communities meeting on Thursday the 21st of September at 2.00pm at Engage Church on St Levan Road in Milehouse, PL2 3BG. Anyone unable to make the event can contact Jacky Clift at POP+ on Plymouth 395131 or