An-Noor Arabic School


  • An-Noor Arabic Language School

Collective’s aims and ideas

We offer Arabic language and culture learning for Arab and none-Arab speakers through a variety of exciting learning activities. We aim to help those who seek to learn the language to preserve identity and communicate effectively in society.
We aim to promote cultural exchange and inclusively and community cohesion within our activities. By introducing the Arabic language and culture to people from other backgrounds, we help and facilitate communities coming together.
We are committing to tolerance and respect and promote these values within our activities. Promoting diversity and inclusion is one of our aims and values.

A Story & A Play Club is another activity that will be part of our project. We aim to create a space where we can invite children and families to learn the Arabic language and culture and have fun through reading books, open discussions and performing plays. We will start our monthly session with reading a storybook for a group of children and opening a discussion about this book, then turning it into a play where children will have an opportunity to take part in it and perform in front of their families. During A Story & A Play Club, children and adults will be encouraged to sing and recite poetry. Children will be able to choose a book to read with their families. After that, they will be free to draw, colour and paint as well as playing games such as chess and puzzles. We will provide healthy snacks to people who attend the A Story & A Play Club.

A Story & A Play Club will have a positive impact on children and their families in many aspects:
Improving children wellbeing and helping them build confidence and high self-esteem through discussions, performing plays and reciting poetry.
Improving children’s communication skills and helping children and adults to build relationships with others from different ethnicities and backgrounds
Encouraging children and adults to read books
Learning about other cultures and respect diversity
Helping children with learning difficulties in understanding the story through acting and performing it.

How will they work together to achieve this?

All members have good communication skills that enable us to work as a team to achieve our targets.
Each one of our group members can build positive relationships with children and adults that make the Story and Play Club friendly environment where children and their families feel welcome and safe.
All members are DBS checked and have safeguarding and child protection training. Some of them have experience working with children in schools.

We are working together to achieve our goals of delivering the language through reading and fun. We need to work as a team where everyone’s role is compatible with others. We enjoy working together as we became a successful team since we have started our project in 2019.
We set meetings on zoom to discuss the new programme (A Story & A Play Club) and how to develop it.

We worked together before and now. We currently run a supplementary Arabic school for children during weekends, we plan for the activities together, set aims of these activities and work together to achieve outcomes. We have meetings regularly and discuss strengths and barriers and find the best solutions that help us overcome these barriers. Each one introduces their ideas and suggestions and works together to develop our project. We exchange ideas around learning activities and how to bring children and families together in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

During the first round, POP members were asked to advise you. Tell us what happened. What are your reflections? Have you gained new insight? New partners?

We had a useful chat with them regarding some issues around our project,particularly how we can deliver it online. We have been advice to be in contact other organisations in Plymouth to get support. POP staff will contact some peers to give us some hints and tips on delivering online activities.

Regarding creating a successful fund application, we had some advice about how to make our project more inclusive and engaging with our clients.
We have been advised to build partnerships with other organisations in Plymouth to support each other. It was a nice opportunity to talk about our project and share our experience as well as benefit from other’s experiences.