Healthy Communities Together

The Plymouth Healthy Communities project will help Plymouth become even better connected, supporting those most socially isolated.  

For a long time POP has been holding conversations around how we might boost citizen action and engagement in the city. Last year POP took advantage of an opportunity to secure additional funding to pursue this in collaboration with Plymouth City Council; the Clinical Commissioning Group; University Hospitals Plymouth; Livewell Southwest and a number of local charities and social enterprises.

The process we will follow is: 

We are at the Exploring the system stage.  

We will start by speaking with people and community groups to find out about their experiences and the best ways of increasing social connections and combating isolation to improve health and wellbeing. 

We will be recruiting ‘Community Researchers’ who will talk to individuals to try and find out what prevents them from feeling connected to their community and the impact this can have on their health. Further funding from the King’s Fund and TNLCF will be available for future stages of the project.

We hope to begin in March.  

We are inviting people to express an interest in supporting the project. Please email Once we have prepared and set up the necessary first steps we will be in contact.  

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