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Plymotion at Your Workplace

Plymotion at Your Workplace is a free Personalised Travel Planning service to encourage sustainable travel policies in your workplace.   It provides information and incentives to help businesses to develop, grow the local economy, address the challenge of climate change and encourage people to lead healthier, more active lives by walking, cycling and using more…
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Compassionate Café

Compassionate Friends from Argyle Community Trust are offering to make a difference to the local community with a new Compassionate Café in Plymouth which will run from Friday 6 December 2019 onwards, every Friday between 11-1pm at Manadon Sports and Community Hub.   If you are caring for someone who is dying, experiencing loss, bereavement…
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It’s a Question of Leadership

It’s a Question of Leadership. Here at POP+ we’ve started a conversation about leadership; we’re asking questions, such as, what is it; what makes a good ‘leader’ and how we might we ‘do’ leadership better? We recently invited people involved in the sector and grassroots organisations to come along and participate in a Leadership Course,…
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