Category: Neighbourhood Care Networks

Lockdown in Keyham and the Great Canine Challenge

When Helen Lounds had an accident and found herself being discharged from hospital with her leg in a cast her first concern wasn’t about herself but for her four dogs and how they were going to get their daily exercise. She need not have worried: not one but several knights in shining armour from the…
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How Technology is Enabling Compassion

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the launch of the lockdown, the internet and social media has enabled thousands of individuals to form support groups and to respond quickly to calls for help. That so much community action has taken place by so many has been both humbling and heartening but, at the same…
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Care in the community by the community

An extraordinary wave of empathy and compassion has swept across the city, on the back of the coronavirus, delivering practical support for those in need; befriending the lonely and reassuring those anxious. Through the newly-formed Neighbourhood Care Networks, areas around the city – Stonehouse, The Hoe and Stoke – have taken help-in-the-community to a new…
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