Neighbourhood Care Networks

In March 2020, POP began working with Plymouth City Council’s Public Health & Adult Social Services and established community organisations, such as Nudge Community Builders; Whitleigh Big Local; Stoke Traders and Residents Association and The Hoe Neighbourhood Forum with the aim of increasing and strengthening their role in supporting their neighbours primarily during lockdown. Since then other NCN’s have set up across the city as community groups, looking to provide greater support to people, have evolved. Significantly, the experience of the more-established groups has enabled the newer groups to work more quickly and more effectively, sharing information of what has – and has not – worked.

Each NCN is distinctive and unique to its own area of the city: there is no blueprint. Each has evolved according to the needs of the community; the people involved and, primarily, the capacity of those individuals. And these people are extraordinary driven by a combination of desire; determination and commitment to support others.

The NCN’s provide a ‘place’ for connection and collaboration, enabling individuals; organisations; charities; community ‘leader’s; faith groups; local businesses and employees from, for example, housing associations and the City Council, to work together to better support their neighbours. Using the digital platform, SLACK, communication is shared, and connections formed ensuring rapid (and efficient) support to those-in-need. Furthermore, a second significant tier of communication exists between those involved with the NCN’s, which – through shared experience; ideas and contacts – is improving the development of each and all the networks. The role of these networks has been – and continues to be – pivotal in caring for people, and for creating greater resilience for what lies ahead.

The community response to COVID-19 has shown us how effective we can be when we work together. We are better together.

For more information about how to set up a Neighbourhood Care Network, or join an existing one please contact:


Your Neighbourhood Needs You!

If you – or your organisation – want to be involved and can offer some support to your neighbourhood text 07411 949 742. Register your details and you will be contacted by someone from POP or from your neighbourhood who will be delighted to speak with you about how you might be able to help.


NCN Helpline Numbers:

Whitleigh: 01752 875916
The Hoe: 07723 577305
Stonehouse: 07723 494413
Keyham: 01752 563095 or 07780 711894
Stoke: 07380 319128
Efford: 07380 309586


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