Call for disused digital devices from Borrrow Don’t Buy & Nudge Community Builders

Have you got unloved, spare digital devices that are taking up space and gathering dust that could be given a new lease of life for someone else to use and get on-line?

Borrow Don’t Buy, supported by Nudge Community Builders, need your old digital devices to repurpose and recycle them so that local people can gain access to digital services, support and help children to complete their schoolwork.

Plymouth City Council’s Good Neighbour volunteers are ready to come and pick up any old devices from you or you could drop them down to Union Corner when Corner Soup is on during 12 – 2pm on a Mon – Fri. Borrow Don’t Buy will clean, repair, wipe any existing files, upload new software, and PAT test them so they are ready to help new people get online.

It’ll cost between £30 and £100 to repurpose a device depending on its age and spec. If you haven’t got a device but would like to donate towards the cost of repairing devices, get in touch with Nudge via email

Together we can share our resources helping more people to get on-line and feel connected!

To speak to someone about this call Wendy on 07868728298