POP believes that transparency leads to greater accountability, involvement and better decision making. We are testing a new way of working and publishing data. The thinking behind this is that to make good decisions we need to have good data, and this data needs to be open because who knows where the critical insight may come from? And of course as members you will want to know what POP is doing. We also need to know what decisions have been made in the past, and what we have learnt from them.

The most important area of POP’s transparency is our decision making. We are currently considering:

  • Who is in vs. who is out.
  • Making timely decisions vs. inviting participation.
  • Deliberation vs. participation.
  • Inviting those with interest vs. consistency.

We are also considering the challenge of creating a “learning culture” in which everyone has a safe space to voice their concerns and challenges, ensuring that we make the best decisions possible.

POP trustees and the POP team have been testing different ways for members and others to be involved in decision-making:

  • The Network of Networks made decisions on how we allocated the first year of Esmée Fairbairn Foundation funding.
  • The Network of Networks were closely involved in redrafting the funding approach for year two.
  • The Network of Networks formed a panel to make decisions on the Learning & Collaboration Fund.
  • We tested a more open, participative process to decide how to allocate £30,000. CLICK HERE to find out more.
  • POP members rate each of the submissions for POP Collectives funding.
POP finances –

POP’s purpose is to build strong grassroots organisations, charities and social enterprises by supporting them to work together and take a lead role in creating change. This means we must prioritise members interests over our own. This can prove a tricky balance when funding and livelihoods are involved. The way we manage this is by operating by a ‘rule of thumb’:

  • Never directly compete
  • Always lead collaborative bids
  • Aim to distribute at 50% beyond the ‘boundary’ of POP into the sector

In our next step we wish to make all this transparent so our judgements can be seen by everyone that wishes to.

Wherever you think you wish to get involved please contact us.

Funding received:

  • People’s Postcode Lottery – £60k – 100% give directly to Essence, Local Spark Torbay & Plymouth Social Enterprise Network
  • Barrow Cadbury Connect Fund – £30k – 100% on POP+ capacity
  • High Streets Heritage Action Zone
    PCC Grant – 100% on POP capacity

Funding applications submitted

  • Healthy Communities Together
  • New Infrastructure Programme
  • TNLCF Emerging Futures
  • TNLCF Covid Funding

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