As a result of COVID-19 all interviews will be conducted using a virtual platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This will evolve over time in line with government guidance and advice.





Answer the following questions.

Is there a need for this job role?

Can the work required be done by others in the organisation, or outsourced?

Have the job role’s purpose and duties changed?


If yes, then…  


The job role must be clearly defined.

Write an updated Job Description, to include the responsibilities and objectives of the role.


Create a Person Specification that links directly to the job role. 

This states the necessary and desirable criteria for selection, which must be clear, demonstrable and avoid bias in wording.


Collate an information package appropriate for the post.

Job description and person specification  

overview of PVCSE  

project details or funder’s requirements (if appropriate) 

terms and conditions of employment including salary, probationary period and annual leave entitlements 


Design the advert

ensure it contains clear and accurate information about the organisation and the role, including

The job description and person specification

The job location

The type of employment offered

The organisation’s core activities and values

The rewards and benefits package, including flexible working where available

Details of how to apply and the deadline.


Attracting candidates Using multiple methods widens the talent pool

POP website

job boards

other professional networking sites such as LinkedIn

local networks

specific outlets to groups not normally recruited e.g. disability magazines, armed forces organisations etc

internal talent pool.

Standard contacts

Applications. Applications are via application form. All applications must be treated in the strictest confidence.  

Increased use of technology offers great alternatives for potential candidates to apply for a role e.g. a pre-recorded video submission and these should be encouraged.

Only application forms or other agreed submissions received by the closing date and time will be accepted for consideration. 

Application form


The Selection Process 


Appropriate selection procedures



assessment tests

Standard/sample questions

sample presentation topics


All papers must be collated and kept on file. 

All related paperwork should be marked “private & confidential” and filed in an appropriate  place in line with GDPR requirements.



Minimum two people. A chair or convenor will be selected. 

Applicants must be chosen against the Person Specification.  

Those candidates selected will be invited for interview. Unsuccessful candidates will be informed that they have not been shortlisted. 



Minimum three people

It is the responsibility of the chair/convenor to record (in writing) the reasons why an applicant is not shortlisted.  


Interview pack.

At least one week prior to the interview

  • copies of application forms / CVs (where this has been decided as the best selection method i.e. for short term or specialist tasks – PVCSE Associates)  
  • blank interview report and scoring forms;  
  • a copy of the job advertisement;  
  • a copy of the job description and person specification.

Structured interview questions.

must be prepared in advance, so that interview can be conducted systematically and minimise the risk of unconscious bias.



ask candidate to let them know if they need any adjustments or have specific access requirements to attend an interview  or undertake a test.


At the interview.

the Chair/convenor will make introductions and explain the process, including notetaking and scoring, and will ensure that the final decisions and scores are collated and summarised, to explain decisions made. It is the responsibility of all those on the panel to ensure that Equal Opportunities legislation is strictly adhered to, with no discrimination shown on any grounds. 


Conditional offer

The panel will decide who informs candidates of decisions. 

The successful candidate should be notified verbally as soon as possible, to agree a start date and clarify the starting salary.

The offer must be conditional on any pre-employment check being completed.


Unsuccessful candidates

The panel will then decide who and how to inform unsuccessful candidates with the outcome of their interview within two working days. Feedback must be made available on request.


Pre-employment checks.

Before an offer of employment is made, POP must check that the candidate has the right to live and work in the UK and that they have the appropriate qualifications and credentials.

The line manager then requests references from two previous employers. 

Where a DBS check is needed, the online system is used.


Letter of appointment

A letter of appointment should be sent to the successful candidate, once the verbal offer has been accepted, within one week. 


Admin set up

The line manager will then create a personnel file for the new member of staff.



The line manager, in conjunction with other staff, and where appropriate PVCSE trustees will create an individual programme of induction for the new start which will be arranged and agreed at least one week before the appointee commences. 


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