POP’s Journey & Learning

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Led by the values of collaboration and participation and more recently a focus on learning, POP has arrived at our current position. We have worked with all our partners, networks and members testing and listening to feedback. We’re still listening and learning, but we think that:

  • Good governance and decision-making (and innovation) requires diversity of input and perspective that in turn require openness and a welcoming culture.
  • Increased collaboration needs transparency. Open communication platforms are useful.
  • Increased participation needs power and control to remain flexible and distributed. To achieve this, we need clarity of role, responsibility and the decisions that need to be made. It allows others who share the same interests to join in.
  • We don’t always need to have an organisational structure to take action. The tools we have used allow us to use funding without needing a bank account.
  • To make accountability more mutual, and to distribute power and control, openness in finances is helpful within a collaboration. Openness beyond the collaboration then increases trust to wider stakeholders and partners.
  • Learning and reflection are helpfully stimulated by someone external to the collaboration or project.

What have you learnt? We would love to know more.

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