Measuring Our Impact

We conducted a satisfaction survey on POP+ and POP ideas in February and March of 2018.

This was sent publicly to all beneficiaries of POP+ and POP ideas and others via emails, newsletter links and across social media. There were 87 complete responses to the survey.

Download the survey here:

Positive Quotes from POP+/POP ideas Impact & Satisfaction Survey 2018

  • Great service, good advice on how and when to write funding bids.
  • The VCS needs to become a lot more assertive if it is to be considered to have greater influence in decision making which means POP+ will have to up its game on leadership.
  • Providing a forum for people to share knowledge and skills. Make connections and share ideas which all have possibilities of sparking off great projects.
  • Providing support and a ‘place’ for people, places, projects to come together. Share, inspire, enable.
  • Advice and workshops are fantastic – Within our limited experience, funding advice and knowledge of that sector is excellent.
  • I think you communicate information in an accessible way, give lots of useful guidance & support for beginners like us. Also very approachable & friendly
  • Being a voice for the sector in Plymouth and always advocating. Thank you!
  • Great work by Pop Ideas team. Good clear advice and practical help
  • Just do it… There has been enough discussion about how to spend the Esmee Fairburn Foundation money… just get in and do it. See up the processes to enable this to happen. Be confident we can all be part of the step change in the city.
  • Be clearer about your mission.
  • POP+ is important to me because it brings people together, so often the passionate people are so busy following their passion they do not have time to look up and see what else is happening and learn better ways of doing things so this is a great learning opportunity.
  • We are a charity and we have benefited from funding advice and guidance. The networking meetings and training sessions are very focused and worthwhile.
  • We are in the process of establishing a number of community ventures and the service helps to connect me/us to other organisations and builds our level of skills around social impact, engagement and monitoring.
  • We couldn’t have progressed without POP+.
  • POP+ is our first point of contact for ideas and knowing what is going on in Plymouth.
  • POP+ is incredibly important. We would not have secured our various grants without them and we will continue to rely on their support as we face an uncertain economic future.
  • Without your support we would have probably given up long ago, thank you!!
  • They are so supportive and inclusive and encouraging and give us a real boost when we are struggling.
  • Through attending the POP+ meetings, I have become aware of different groups & events, several of which have been of interest to me or members of our congregation.
  • POP+ provides a really stable and safe base for projects to go to and grow from and is a valuable asset to the sector in the city.